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If you recently had a restraining order placed against you, there’s no doubt that you are filled with confusion over what this means for your life and have overwhelming concerns about how it will impact your relationship with your family. It is vital that you take the proper steps to protect yourself and challenge the allegations against you that led to a restraining order. Our aggressive Tucson orders of protection defense lawyer helps you fight these claims, safeguard your reputation, and preserve your rights!

Restraining orders can greatly disrupt your life and even lead to serious criminal charges, so it’s important to contact our office as soon as possible. We take the time to hear your story, develop a strong defense, and help you avoid making choices which could make the situation worse. Call today to book your free and confidential initial consultation and learn more about how we can begin working urgently on your behalf.

Tucson Orders Of Protection Defense Lawyer

What Are Orders Of Protection And What Does It Mean If They Are Filed Against You?

There are two main types of orders of protection in Arizona. They include:

  • Order of Protection (OOP) – typically sought by individuals who claim to be victims of domestic violence, such as spouses, former spouses, cohabitants, individuals in a romantic or sexual relationship, parents, grandparents, and guardians
  • Injunction Against Harassment (IAH) – typically sought by individuals who claim they are being harassed, threatened, or stalked by someone with whom they do not have a domestic relationship

Once one of these are filed, the court will review the petition and may grant a temporary order if it finds sufficient evidence of the alleged behavior warranting protection. Then, a hearing will be scheduled where both parties have the opportunity to present evidence and arguments before a judge, who will then make a final ruling. If a final order is issued, it can remain in effect for up to one year or longer.

Many times, petitions are filed by those engaged in landlord/tenant disputes, or custody/visitation disputes, in an attempt to sway things in their favor. However, that is not the proper use of this legal tool. You can have peace of mind that if a dispute like those mentioned above is the reason behind the order of protection being taken out against you, our skilled Tucson orders of protection defense lawyer will present a compelling defense on your behalf and put you in the best possible position for avoiding a permanent implementation of these orders.

How Can Your Life Be Impacted By This Matter?

Orders of protection can have significant effects on your day-to-day life, and even lead to serious criminal charges and penalties if the order is violated. Depending on your situation, you could face hefty fines, probation, mandatory counseling/treatment programs, and even prison time if you violate the order against you.

Violation of orders of protection can also negatively impact any future legal proceedings you are involved in, such as custody or visitation disputes, immigration cases, and more. Even while our lead Tucson orders of protection defense lawyer works to build a strategy on your behalf, it is crucial that you comply with the terms of the order to avoid legal repercussions and prevent your circumstances from escalating.

How Can Our Tucson Orders Of Protection Defense Lawyer Secure The Best Possible Outcome On Your Behalf?

Alatorre Law will work vigorously to gather evidence on your behalf, including statements from friends and family, testimony from bystanders or witnesses, forensic evidence, and more. Orders of protection are often dropped due to reasons such as false allegations, lack of evidence, proof of consent or mutual agreement, and challenges to the basis of the order.

Our dedicated Tucson orders of protection defense lawyer has 20 years of experience defending the accused and achieving successful outcomes for clients through intensive case preparation. Call today to book your free consultation and discover your next steps!

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fairmount Cratefairmount Crate
15:48 19 Nov 22
Attorney Javier Alatorre is very attentive, personable, and responds timely to inquiries. His confidence and knowledge of the judicial process is commendable and very reassuring. His understanding of a client's concerns and worries is notable and very much appreciated. My case is ongoing, but thus far, attorney Alatorre has proven to be very responsible, available, and invested in serving his clients.
paul zwierskipaul zwierski
05:25 20 Sep 22
Even though my case was in Bull Head City. I am more than glad I got with Javier. Im the type of person that don’t trust anyone. Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. Thats my motto. After a week of talking to every lawyer through out AZ I liked Javier the best. And was extremely glad I trusted my instincts. I love to gamble but not with my life. Trust me. Just call him
03:47 15 Sep 22
Javier was amazing to talk with and do business with. He helped me with a very sticky situation and was very kind and considerate during the entire proccess.I only conversated with him for little under an hour but I can tell that he is very professional and cares a lot about what he does.I would recommend him to anyone and everyone if theyre dealing with legal issues.Great guy overall.
Andrew SchlickerAndrew Schlicker
01:37 08 Sep 22
Javier helped me out not once, but twice in an exceptional manner. Javier was always on time and one step ahead of the process. He was also extremely courteous to the courtroom employees and could navigate around situations at ease. Not to mention he had pin point precision in examining details in both cases. Both outcomes in the two cases I had him for were more than advantageous. I highly recommend Javier for your next case!
Carlos TapiaCarlos Tapia
01:16 14 Jul 22
I highly recommend Javier Alatorre. He is very professional and exceeded all my expectations. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he takes the time and has the ability to explain all aspects of the case in simple terms.Javier draws on his own extensive experience as well as on his wide professional network to provide the best counsel across different specialties. In my case the immigration implications were important and he helped me understand the possible outcomes and decide on the best course to achieve the desired result.If you want results, you want Javier Alatorre on your team.

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