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Finding yourself mixed up with the criminal justice system can be an experience that has a profound impact on your life and causes you to reflect on some of the choices you’ve made that led you here. Many people who have a need for a criminal defense attorney have simply made a foolish mistake that they now regret. Some, however, are well aware that they’ve done something wrong and will need aggressive legal representation to avoid harsh punishments like fines and jail time. No matter which category you find yourself in, Alatorre Law is committed to fighting on your behalf to get charges reduced or even dropped. Our lead attorney, Javier Alatorre, has nearly two decades of experience with the criminal justice system and knows what it takes to build the strongest case possible. Call our Tempe criminal defense lawyer today for a free consultation where we will listen to your side of the story and give you honest feedback regarding your current situation.

Criminal Cases We Frequently Handle

At Alatorre Law, you can trust that no matter what crime you’ve been charged with, we believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. We work tirelessly to uphold your right to legal representation, which is guaranteed to you in the United States Constitution. Some of the common charges we defend are:

  • DUIs – driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Domestic violence – crimes against current or former partners and family/household members
  • Drug charges – from possession to sales, manufacture, trafficking, and more
  • Assault and violent crimes – can range from simple assault to sex assault, armed robbery, manslaughter, murder, or other 
  • Property crimes – shoplifting, theft, arson, burglary, etc.
  • White collar crimes – non-violent, financial crimes such as embezzlement, identify theft, and more
  • And more!

Legal Consequences And Beyond

Everyone is well aware of the most obvious consequences of being convicted of a crime – you may pay hefty fines, have your license suspended/revoked, or spend some amount of time in jail. But did you know that a criminal conviction could also affect you in other areas of your life, such as:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Child custody
  • Adopting children
  • Owning firearms
  • Immigration
  • College admission
  • Healthcare licenses
  • Renting and leasing

Your permanent record is just that: permanent. Our Tempe criminal defense attorney can work to reduce the ways a criminal record might haunt you in the future. 

How We Build Your Case For Success

Through proven strategies and a meticulous eye for detail, we have built a reputation as a firm who gets the best outcome for clients. There are several steps to building a case that is strong enough to beat the prosecution. First, an exemplary attorney should have thorough knowledge of the Arizona laws and penal code. Next, we will review all of the evidence that the state has gathered against you; who are the witnesses, and are they credible? Were there any errors in the police reports or lab data? Were any of your rights violated during the arrest or while you were in police custody? In addition, analyzing the history of both the prosecutor who will present the case against you and the judge who will preside over your case can provide valuable insight when determining the best defense for your case. 

Criminal Charges Demand A Rapid Response. Call Our Tempe Criminal Defense Lawyer TODAY!

Criminal charges won’t disappear on their own, and the longer you wait to take defensive action, the less time we have to develop an effective plan of action. With Mr. Alatorre’s representation, you can depend on him 24/7 for updates and support with your case. He’s been voted a Top 100 Trial Lawyer and is fluent in both Spanish and English. Don’t wait – call today for your free consultation and take your future back into your hands!

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I was accused/cited for DUI so I hired Javier Alatorre to defend me (I was under the legal BAC limit). When I first spoke to Javier, he treated me like a person and never made me like a criminal so I felt very comfortable with him. He was always available to discuss this case even though it dragged on for over 3 years (COVID). The end result was that he got my cased dismissed. I couldn't ask for anything better. I highly recommend Javier.

Paul S.

Alatorre Law, P.C. It is the best option you have as a lawyer, Mr. Javier Alatorre is super professional and he attends you as a family. Alatorre Law is a company that fights for you and your rights. Very grateful and blessed for having chosen Mr. Javier as my lawyer, thank you very much.

Roy L.

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fairmount Cratefairmount Crate
15:48 19 Nov 22
Attorney Javier Alatorre is very attentive, personable, and responds timely to inquiries. His confidence and knowledge of the judicial process is commendable and very reassuring. His understanding of a client's concerns and worries is notable and very much appreciated. My case is ongoing, but thus far, attorney Alatorre has proven to be very responsible, available, and invested in serving his clients.
paul zwierskipaul zwierski
05:25 20 Sep 22
Even though my case was in Bull Head City. I am more than glad I got with Javier. Im the type of person that don’t trust anyone. Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. Thats my motto. After a week of talking to every lawyer through out AZ I liked Javier the best. And was extremely glad I trusted my instincts. I love to gamble but not with my life. Trust me. Just call him
03:47 15 Sep 22
Javier was amazing to talk with and do business with. He helped me with a very sticky situation and was very kind and considerate during the entire proccess.I only conversated with him for little under an hour but I can tell that he is very professional and cares a lot about what he does.I would recommend him to anyone and everyone if theyre dealing with legal issues.Great guy overall.
Andrew SchlickerAndrew Schlicker
01:37 08 Sep 22
Javier helped me out not once, but twice in an exceptional manner. Javier was always on time and one step ahead of the process. He was also extremely courteous to the courtroom employees and could navigate around situations at ease. Not to mention he had pin point precision in examining details in both cases. Both outcomes in the two cases I had him for were more than advantageous. I highly recommend Javier for your next case!
Carlos TapiaCarlos Tapia
01:16 14 Jul 22
I highly recommend Javier Alatorre. He is very professional and exceeded all my expectations. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he takes the time and has the ability to explain all aspects of the case in simple terms.Javier draws on his own extensive experience as well as on his wide professional network to provide the best counsel across different specialties. In my case the immigration implications were important and he helped me understand the possible outcomes and decide on the best course to achieve the desired result.If you want results, you want Javier Alatorre on your team.

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