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Charged With A Crime? A Top 100 Trial Lawyer Is Available To You Right Here In Paradise Valley!

The state of Arizona is serious about prosecuting residents who are accused of committing criminal acts; in fact, we have one of the toughest criminal justice systems in the country. If you were recently charged with DUI, a drug offense, a property crime, a violent crime, or something else, it’s understandable to be worried about what the increasingly harsh penalties of those charges could mean for your future. 

Depending on your specific charges and past criminal record, you may be facing expensive fines, community service, alcohol and drug education courses, and possible jail time. Our lead Paradise Valley criminal defense lawyer, Javier Alatorre, is the best attorney to help you protect your rights and freedoms because:

  • He has nearly two decades of legal experience
  • He holds multiple law degrees
  • He has been named a Top 100 Trial Lawyer
  • He received a Top 10 ranking by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys in 2023
  • He is licensed in both Mexico and the United States
  • He is bilingual, and
  • He offers 24/7 communication access.

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Paradise Valley Criminal Defense Lawyer

What Types Of Charges Does Our Aggressive Paradise Valley Criminal Defense Lawyer Handle?

Drug-Related Chargesincluding possession, sales, manufacturing, trafficking, and others

White Collar Crimes – non-violent, money-related crimes such as embezzlement, fraud, identity theft, and others

DUI – driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Domestic Violence – crimes against family members, household members, and/or  previous or current spouses/partners

Probation Violation – failure to comply with the conditions of probation

Assault Or Other Violent Crimes – including rape, armed robbery, manslaughter, murder, and others

And More! Alatorre Law can navigate you through a vast range of criminal charges. 

What Do I Need To Know Right Away If I’ve Been Accused And Charged With A Criminal Act?

You should know that seeking legal representation to defend your criminal charges is not something to put off, as many can have instantaneous consequences on your daily life. By contacting our skilled Paradise Valley criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible, you can be in the best position for carrying on as normally as possible while your investigation progresses. Mr. Alatorre will guide you through court appearances, help you remember important dates and deadlines, and communicate with law enforcement on your behalf. 

You should also know that you have a right to decline speaking to law enforcement without an attorney present, as it is your Constitutional right to secure legal representation, as well as to protect yourself from saying anything incriminating. Finally, you must be aware that speaking to others about your case – and especially mentioning it on social media – is not in your best interest. You should not discuss your pending charges with anyone other than your attorney in order to put yourself in the best position for getting them reduced or dismissed altogether. 

Why Choose Alatorre Law To Represent You?

You can feel confident moving forward with our experienced Paradise Valley criminal defense lawyer by your side because Mr. Alatorre has a thorough working knowledge of the law, the local courts, and the judges. State and federal laws are constantly changing, which means the implications for your case are likely to change, too. Knowing what to expect means that we can build the strongest defense strategy on your behalf and give you the greatest chance at a favorable outcome. Remember, criminal charges are time-sensitive, so don’t delay contacting our firm! Schedule your free consultation today and get an honest appraisal of where you stand directly from our attorney.

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I was accused/cited for DUI so I hired Javier Alatorre to defend me (I was under the legal BAC limit). When I first spoke to Javier, he treated me like a person and never made me like a criminal so I felt very comfortable with him. He was always available to discuss this case even though it dragged on for over 3 years (COVID). The end result was that he got my cased dismissed. I couldn't ask for anything better. I highly recommend Javier.

Paul S.

Alatorre Law, P.C. It is the best option you have as a lawyer, Mr. Javier Alatorre is super professional and he attends you as a family. Alatorre Law is a company that fights for you and your rights. Very grateful and blessed for having chosen Mr. Javier as my lawyer, thank you very much.

Roy L.

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fairmount Cratefairmount Crate
15:48 19 Nov 22
Attorney Javier Alatorre is very attentive, personable, and responds timely to inquiries. His confidence and knowledge of the judicial process is commendable and very reassuring. His understanding of a client's concerns and worries is notable and very much appreciated. My case is ongoing, but thus far, attorney Alatorre has proven to be very responsible, available, and invested in serving his clients.
paul zwierskipaul zwierski
05:25 20 Sep 22
Even though my case was in Bull Head City. I am more than glad I got with Javier. Im the type of person that don’t trust anyone. Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. Thats my motto. After a week of talking to every lawyer through out AZ I liked Javier the best. And was extremely glad I trusted my instincts. I love to gamble but not with my life. Trust me. Just call him
03:47 15 Sep 22
Javier was amazing to talk with and do business with. He helped me with a very sticky situation and was very kind and considerate during the entire proccess.I only conversated with him for little under an hour but I can tell that he is very professional and cares a lot about what he does.I would recommend him to anyone and everyone if theyre dealing with legal issues.Great guy overall.
Andrew SchlickerAndrew Schlicker
01:37 08 Sep 22
Javier helped me out not once, but twice in an exceptional manner. Javier was always on time and one step ahead of the process. He was also extremely courteous to the courtroom employees and could navigate around situations at ease. Not to mention he had pin point precision in examining details in both cases. Both outcomes in the two cases I had him for were more than advantageous. I highly recommend Javier for your next case!
Carlos TapiaCarlos Tapia
01:16 14 Jul 22
I highly recommend Javier Alatorre. He is very professional and exceeded all my expectations. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he takes the time and has the ability to explain all aspects of the case in simple terms.Javier draws on his own extensive experience as well as on his wide professional network to provide the best counsel across different specialties. In my case the immigration implications were important and he helped me understand the possible outcomes and decide on the best course to achieve the desired result.If you want results, you want Javier Alatorre on your team.

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